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Hey Everyone,

A few months ago, I noticed that there were no public SolidWorks libraries with V5 electronics. The SolidWorks library I was using at the time didn’t have any V5 components, so every time I needed a new part, I would download it from the Vex website. Over quarantine, I decided to create a new library from scratch and share it with you all.

This library doesn’t have any VEXplorer or VEXpro components. The Pitch Metal was taken from this library, since I couldn’t find it on the Vex website. I have cut up all of the 2 wide and 3 wide C-Channels into 35 files for each length.

I hope this helps you all for Change Up and future seasons!


Here is a configurable vex metal library which I found on youtube last year. It was pretty convenient since you can quickly adjust metal length while cadding.

It might be pretty good if this can be incorporated into the library, potentially along with circles in each hole to make concentric mates between metal / bearings possible (for some reason linear pattern up to reference doesn’t work for me)


Thanks mr. Owen. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

If I were unfortunate enough to be using Solidworks instead of Inventor, I would probably be very excited about this!

It looks epic for all of your fellow unfortunates though!
I know you worked very very hard on it so I’m glad that it has finally come to fruitition


When you downloaded your v5 brain file did it say it had some sort of “topography error”?? I don’t know why but mine has that. It doesn’t actually affect anything.

Thanks for making this Owen, I don’t use solidworks but it’s good to see that people in the community are undertaking projects like this :slightly_smiling_face:


as a Solidworks user, there really isn’t much resources for us compared to those using Fusion/Inventor. Thanks for making this!

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This is Awesome! Only issue is Solidworks appears to be quite expensive, me and my team have been using TinkerCAD of recent. Is there a discount code that your team has that could maybe give us 15% off??


As a high-end CAD package, Solidworks is much more expensive to businesses than entry-level CAD like Fusion and Inventor. However, almost all commercial CAD, including SolidWorks, is free to robotics teams, you just need to apply for a sponsorship. Details are here https://www.solidworks.com/product/students (scroll down to where it says “apply for a sponsorship” There are more details in this document as well: CAD for VEX Robotics (2).pdf (300.8 KB)


Since a lot of people are going to be using flex wheels for their intakes, I added flex wheels to the library. All future updates will be posted here.


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