169A and 169Y 2015 Reveal

Hello all, the link below is our reveal of our robot design of team 169A and 169Y. This robot was built in October and has competed at four events and has won all of them. I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions or want any additional pictures, shoot an email to: team169robotics@gmail.com


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Looks like a great bot, this design is very common this year, and this seems like a perfect example. But i do wonder why your teams decided to use a 6 motor drive. It seems that this year, drive speed is at less of a need than say, lift speed or intake motors.

Either way, you guys have gotten it working great.:slight_smile:


We already have four motors on our arm and it works perfectly so there is no need for them there. Because both of our intakes don’t require motors, we put them on our drive train.

You have to invert the claw before a match to use the other side?

Yes, we have a claw for each side and it is just one screw.

Gotta love that robot name :wink:

second this ! :slight_smile: