170A Early Season Teaser "PickUs"

Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYgOlqinH7A
Music Choice Inspired by 1492x
Bot Name: “PickUs”
Disclaimer: Some components of this robot were inspired by other teams.
Some parts have been sped up to match up with music better.

Nice bot. What lift are you using?

@675C Robotics chain bar 6 bar

Can you send me pics of your bot on pm so I can copy it?

love the honesty

@ShauryaV7 sure

same lmao

Same lol

Thanks Brian!!!

@ShauryaV7 No problem. :slight_smile:

Could you send me a few picures of this bot.
I really like it.

Could you send the robot pictures to us too?

Same lol


With the amount of people asking for them you might as well post them here
(that means I would like them too :))

The amount of low effort posts

On a side note, i would also like some samples too

Hello,Can you send me pics of your bot ball collect system ,and I can copy it? here is my email: abduriyim@encorobot.com ,thank u

Might as well ask too

can I have some pictures too? Mostly trying to figure out the intake for double catapults

Most people don’t want to do this, why don’t you build your own intake system and ask us for help if you get stuck?

I build my own robot,but i cant solve the problem of ball collection system so.

You can. You should take inspiration from other robots, not blueprints. This isn’t Legos, no one should hand you a step by step guide to building anything. Vex Robotics is about learning, not finding the best robot, a fact they tend to use against us every once in a while. You should be learning how the engineering process works, and building your own robot, designing your own robot. If you just go through the competition copying people you’re being counter to vex’s vision statement, and being counter productive.