170A Teaser

Feel free to ask questions.

I feel personally attacked

That isn’t a question @jasper

is this the same bot you brought to state?

@GBHS VEX Member No, our state bot is in pieces now and some are even on this robot

A few questions: Is the stacking automated? What is the maximum number of cones you guys can stack on a mobile goal? Stationary goal? How many cones do you typically stack in a match?
Overall, it looks like you guys have a nice robot! Awesome work!

It says… 17 seconds 12 cones and didn’t tip a 15 stack.

Is that a 1:1 ratio on your 4 bar? Also, Is your reverse double 4/6 bar perfectly linear or almost linear?

@Nicholas Xavier No it is not automated. Maximum is about 15 on a mobile goal and 9 on a stationary goal. We’ve never played this robot in an actual match so we don’t know what it typically stacks in a match. @Riptide Yes. Yes

@meng If you’re asking about what that means, the first part means we can stack 12 cones in 17 seconds. The second part can be explained by this

170a is a good team

@66618Z-George 66618z is a good team

Yet we both lose in the final

Oh heyyyy it’s the guys that destroyed us at State xD
You guys are lookin’ good, have fun at Worlds!

@Royal_xD Hahaha, thanks!

Hmmm. Future worlds winner?

@Entropy170 What’s the motor distribution?

@ShauryaV7 The real question is why are you on 10Z now? @BWorcester 6 motor drive, 2 motor arm, 2 motor 4 bar, 1 motor roller, 1 motor mogo

Oh no… I do understand what it means.

It was meant to be a reply to some of @Nicholas Xavier questions.

Oops my bad @meng