1714A Robot Reveal

Presenting the second version of 1714A’s 2013-2014 robot. The idea of this robot was to create a very simple and fast robot to stash bucky balls and hurdle large balls. The first version was essentially the same robot, except the arm was very, very heavily geared up and the chassis and scoop were far to large. There was no room to manuver in the stashing zone.The second (current)version is about 4 inches skinnier, is able to climb over the bump much better and has a much faster lifting arm
Current Stats:

Drive train: 6 wheel drive, front 2 omnis, back 4 traction. All wheels are geared together. 2 high strength and 2 normal motors direct driving the back 4 wheels. There are also 2 free spinning rollers on the back of the robot to drive over the bump backwards.

Lift: 4 high strength motors on a 15:1 gear reduction. Single piviot point arm. Potentiometer and 2 limit switches keep the arm in a limited range.

Scoop: 2 servos to bring the scoop to 3 positions; up, down and slightly slanted to carry the bucky balls. The side flanges are bent in to grab and keep a hold of large balls.

Any thoughts?

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How do you stash the buckyballs without a funnel of some sort on the scoop? Seems to me they would just sort of roll all over.

Epithermal Being,
There are two pieces of L channel on the top of the scoop on an angle to act as a funnel. You can see it in the bottom picture.

Alright. It wasn’t on the scoop on the picture with it flat-out, so I missed that.

You ever think about throwing a couple more 393’s on the base? It can only help if you want some more speed/power.

On our original robot we had 4 393s instead of 2 393s and 2 269s which we have on now. We gave some high strength motors to our other team for their robot (1714B). We only had 1 team last year when we restocked motors and ran our of high strength motors to use on both bots.

That looks like more than a 12x24 sheet of lexan…

Reminds me of a mix of 44; Clean Sweep and 12 bots; Sack Attack.
Do you have a video? :smiley:

The lexan is under 24 by 12 inches. 44s clean sweep robot was actually the original inspiration for the design. Also we do not have videos of this version of the robot yet but will be competing at the Milwaukesha competition this Sunday. I know people on the 1200 and 536 teams have put videos up of the competition before. Can I get any clarification on that?

If we have enough people at the competition we will record and upload the matches.

Such a unique design… I wonder what can your robot do during autonomous and driving? :confused:

how easily can this stash?
it seems that the ramp is too “fat” for buckeyballs?

I think that illusion is caused by the fact that the chassis is much skinnier than the average robot. If you closely compare the tapered and of the funnel to one of the 4" wheels on the robot it looks like the funnel is a good size for 5" buckyballs.