1727Z Vex Change Up Early Season Reveal

Hi everyone! This was an idea that sprung up in early May and I decided to pursue it. Unfortunately right now it looks slightly out performed by other bots, but I have a few ideas for where I intend on going with this. I want to thank @Yuanyang1727G for editing, @Unionjackjz for initially coming up with the idea, and @Zach3324A for developing the bevel set-up that was used. Hopefully teams can use this reveal as a base for new ideas. Good luck this season!


Nice Robot, love the new design that was built off of previous designs.
Does this robot fit in frame?

The specs are at the end of the video, but here they are as well:
6M 333 rpm Drive,
1M 333 rpm Intake,
1M 200 rpm Indexer.

It does fit in size, although just barely.


at 0:19 were the screws that you used to drive the 36 tooth gears together?

Cool. Looks like the crown gears are being used for the intake to share power with the indexer. Is there any differential between them to regulate when one is on and the other is off or is it essentially just a long roller belt with 2m power at all times?


Its like a long roller belt, but I intend on doing something similar to what you’re saying for future iterations.


in the video it seems like you can’t descore to easily because of the length of your two intakes in the front. Is descoring hard to do or did you just not show that in the video.

Its quite easy to do, I guess it just seems hard in the video.


yah guess so


Looks fantastic! And I love the bevel gear set-up.


It looks as if the banding on the hood is what is causing your scoring speed to slow down, since as the bands compress inwards, the balls need to travel that extra distance as well. this causes the balls to roll backwards slightly when indexing. (thats the best i can do explaining it, but you get what im saying.) if the bands on the hood were replaced with lexan and mesh, then you would score more quickly. I understand that the bands are there probably because if sizing, and while it is a smart way of keeping it in the size limit while still giving the balls a curved path, it does significantly slow down scoring speed.
-2 cents
also, i love the bevel, its super clean.


If you just had a 4 motor drive train and used the other two on your conveyor you could speed it up and still have the same amount of power, unless you have a reason for the 6 motor drive train.

The main point for this design was to keep the 6 motor drive train while still having a viable offensive bot. For future iterations I hope to keep the 6 motor drive while also making the intake more efficient and faster.

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Wdym lol
All 8m bots have the same power


you can see in the video, the conveyor’s speed is not the problem, it the bands on the hood. the conveyor clearly moves at a very fast speed, yet the balls still dont go that fast bc of the bands. Also i bet the conveyer burns out relatively quickly.

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Power on the intakes and conveyor

the concept of powering the side rollers with the indexer is very interesting, although I don’t really see the point when the motor distribution is quite friendly this season. I also question if the roller on the hood is really worth an entire motor, or even necessary at all.
Also, the build itself seems a bit flimsy, might want to check out some ways you can strengthen your build.

But otherwise it’s pretty good and I applaud you for trying a new concept.


I guess it didn’t show too well in the video, but the top roller acts as an indexer.


Yah so if he used 2 motors of the drive train on the conveyor it wouldn’t burn out as quickly.

this is a big problem with it. If he sped the conveyor up though he could be a much better offensive robot.

O I see what u mean. Yeah that’s fair