1764A Yarmouth Maine Robot Reveal

This is our final iteration of a sack attack competition robot. Made from all aluminum and featuring a 17.75" wide basket. We have a couple more competitions including one this weekend in hopes to qualify for worlds. Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Pictures of the intake coming soon

These photos are a tad bit dated but…

-Strafing capabilities
-100% Aluminium construction
-18" wide basket, holds roughly ∞ sacks
-Quick and powerful lift, 4 393’s geared down
-Fast and strong drivetrain, 5 393’s (one for strafe)
-Intake rollers that score and descore sacks without ay jamming (not shown)
-Simple and lightweight structure

We will be taking this to the competition at Cape Elizabeth Highschool on Saturday, hope to see some of you there!

I can see the intake in the back of the last picture…

Yes you can, it is mounted now and it intakes amazingly.

Our X team will be seeing yours this weekend! Good luck, they are looking forward to it!

Can you resize these so they don’t break the site? :smiley:

What is your x team’s robot design?

An interesting way of doing the gearing for the arm, not seen that posted here before.

^Please, this. My poor browser. Simple design belies the time you ladies and gentleman most likely put into this robot, as it looks extremely efficient. I like the idea of the enormous basket (infinity sacks, haha).

Why did you decide to opt for small omnis and a strafe wheel instead of the “4-mecanum” build? Also, can your wee beastie score on the high goal?

Impressive robot, from what I can see. :smiley:

we did not have the space for 4" wheels with the way our basket is angled so we had to go for the smaller wheels. No it can not score on the high goal, but it can score in the troughs extremely efficiently.

Those wedges in the frnt might get you DQed because if you hit another robot it will most likely tip them.

The basket rests ontop of the wedges when down, the wegdes will only be exposed during scoring and not moving forward at full speed (strafing).

How many sacks can it lift?