17C DR4B preview

BROS here are a few images of my robot :smiley:

Any plans for skyrise intake?

Pretty nice robot btw.

I like how clean looking it is.

Is that the stig I see?


Haha yah he is always watching us from above

I should show you the mess of a wiring job we did around the brain though, which makes this thing 2dirty4me

Ya infact i just finished it today, of course after posting this

Thanks for posting more pictures of this robot. https://vexforum.com/t/team-2919m-impulse-robot-reveal-momentum/27461/1

I know a lot of us are big fans of Marco’s robot and its nice to see pictures from more angles of the robot.

You out of all people in VEX should know a think or two about design convergence, Tabor.

OP Robot looks great don’t let people like Tabor let you think otherwise, or degrade the amount of work you put in because it looks like someone else’s robot.

And as always good luck at your competitions.

  • Andrew

Agreed. Think of last year. Basically every single robot was the “same”. It is the small differences that distinguished the average robots from the best robots.

Even if 17C’s robot looks similar to 2919M’s robot I guarantee that 17C had to figure out a lot of things on their own to make it work well.

A RD4B is going to look very similar to any other RD4B…does that mean we should ridicule every team that uses a RD4B for “copying” someone else that made it first?

Yes we most definitely should.

Yes I am VERY AWARE that i am very SIMILAR To 2919M’s robot and yes I did draw some Ideas from there robot. However, i tried 3 or 4 different DR4B designs/intakes/drives before going to the conveyor. I also wanted to have an X- drive but i didn’t get the parts until mid november. I always wanted to do a DR4B from the start with side rollers but that failed. I didn’t actually get to the conveyor until december, which has worked with flying colours. As someone that wants to win and has to face and wants to beat the best in my region, this is the best design i got. happy?

I hope this is a sarcastic statement. If not, please never post comments like this on the forum again.

If you are serious, please tell me what lift style you are using. Is it completely original and has never been seen anywhere in the world EVER BEFORE? If not, then we should all ridicule your robot and say that you copied other people.

Get real. There are only so many styles of lifts to make. Do you really think there are 10,000 completely original styles of lifts to be built? (There are 10,000 teams you know)

Team 17C…please ignore the idiots that have posted on this thread. You have a heck of a robot there and I’m sure you worked hard to make it. I for one appreciate the fact that you posted pictures because I learn a little something from every robot that I see on the forums.

Very nice robot, the intake only looks like it can hold 2 cubes at a time, or am I wrong at that assumption?

I totally agree. The two teams I am mentoring are coming up with a very unique robot that has probably never been tried before, but i do not think any of them would mock someone for what they are doing. They are taking a huge risk with their unique design, but if it works, it will be really cool. That is a BIG “if” but I admire their effort. That said, most great innovations are inspired by prior innovations.

Great robot and I hope you do well with it.

yah it can only hold 2, 3 is physically impossible for it

Hey Nicholas, nice robot! :slight_smile:

My entire point for putting pictures and videos of my robot designs was to promote people drawing ideas and I don’t believe at all that I had the “first” design, just posted it first. Design convergence is something we all see in VEX!

Great robot and I’m seeing some things I didn’t think of for my design, awesome work!

Tabor we know what you’re trying to say but maybe next time try use some more politically correct way of saying it? Perhaps was a bit harsh :confused:

Anyways just wanted to come on so not to get mistaken for having a negative view of this design convergence, sorry if any arguments were caused by my earlier robot posts! :frowning:

thanks man, right now the robot is doing great and i hope your next robot is doing well, whatever it is!:cool:

I can see where Tabor is coming from with this post, but I hope it was a joke. Everyone knows design convergence happens in vex. I hope everyone knows that what they post onto the forums may very well be copied.

Personally, I’ve discussed many ideas with Marco throughout the season. I suggested a RD4B to him at the start of the season over an elevator, I’ve tried out an expanding X base after seeing his, and I know he has bolt for bolt copied an intake of mine (although it has since been modified as he’s keen to point out) He was, as he stated, very aware people would see and potentially copy his particular design.

Anyway, back to the actual topic of this reveal, this looks like a really solid robot from what I can see. Do you have any plans to try to increase to a 3 cube capacity? Also, what lift ratio are you using and what’s your reasoning behind it?

Best of luck with any future modifications and additions (like a skyrise intake?), with good driving and programming I’m sure you’ll have a top notch robot! :slight_smile:

originally we had a standard 1:7 4 motor gear ratio for our lift, but was not enough and to fast to actually control at all, so we scaled up to 1:11.7 ratio, which is a 3:5 then a 1:7 ratio. I want to do 3 cubes, i have imaginations of being able to do it but i think i will focus on a skyrise intake instead.