18"x18"x18" Starting Position with Pre-loaded tubes

On our robot, we have a part on a hinge that sticks out past 18 inches, but when we pre-load a single tube or more, it is no longer outside the 18" limitation. Is this legal or does the entire robot need to be contained within the 18" box without and pre-loaded tubes involved?

Team 355A

To pass inspection, you don’t need to show that your robot will fit in the box with tubes.

But when your preloading tubes, if the tube is sticking out past the 18 inches, is it really part of your robot? I don’t think so, so it should be fine. But if part of your robot is sticking out past the 18inches, its illegal.

Chuck_Glick has what I’m asking right. And yeah that’s what I figured, but I thought I would double check.

Tony (NotSoSinister): I meant normally we would have something sticking out past the 18" box, but with a tube pre-loaded it would be within the 18" box. Chuck has it right however with the “self-contained” term in there.

Thanks for the help everyone!:slight_smile: