18029a Vex Robot in One Day Reveal - JT

Here is myself and my brother’s attempt at a robot in one day. We wanted to do something unique, which I think we definitively achieved.

4m mecanum drivetrain
2m front intake (TT style intake)
1m inner conveyer
1m flywheel
Score and descore at the same time
Can hold up too five game elements at a time
Can shoot over defense

Good luck competing in Recycle Rush 2.0! - 18029a


What rpm is that flywheel running at? And it looks good, do you have any plans to add some sort of hoarding element?

3000 rpm, I don’t believe a hoarding element is necessary for this design.

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It’s pretty cool that you guys built a shooter for this game. A couple questions though: What is the maximum range of the flywheel, and have you tried shooting multiple balls in quick succession?

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