1814D Worlds Reveal 2019

Fooled ya :slight_smile:

Good robot but at the same time sad to see you leaving capgang.


I’d love to say it’s bad (cause not capgang) but it’s really fast n’ stuff so…good luck at worlds!


Can it even shoot reliably from up close or can it only snipe?

I’m not sure if the “fooled ya” refers to this not being your actual reveal or not. Or just that people were expecting the world’s best cap bot, and they got this.

Assuming this is for mainly caps, the sniping could be useful to shoot from back court, but the backing up to shoot seems not time efficient. Especially since all the balls will most likely end up at the front of the field.

Still, solid robot. Just not the OP capgang I expected.


Oooooh thats nice. Loving those moving shots you put in there. Will you still be bringing the cap-bot to worlds? (Not for competing obviously)


Hey do yo specialize in long shots. You didn’t show any shots from close field.

Yes it shoots up close too I forgot clips of close shots

They were expecting a cap bot but instead I revealed a puncher boi :slight_smile:

It is suprisingly efficient. By going forwards to intake the balls, then backing up to shoot, the balls will almost always land in front of you so you can go forward again for a second double shot run.

F. This was indeed a hard decision for me to make but I think Im confident with this one.[quote=“2775Josh, post:4, topic:60246, full:true”]
I’d love to say it’s bad (cause not capgang) but it’s really fast n’ stuff so…good luck at worlds!
Thank you! :slight_smile:

It was a tough decision, but I dont know how well a sole cap bot would do at worlds considering the last two competitions I competed in. It relied too heavily on the partner and if the partner fails there is absolutely no hope.

Thank you! And yes :slight_smile:)

We do close range as well, I just didnt get the close range recorded.