1815Delta II | Scorpion 3 Worlds Reveal

Specs In The Video:
Drivetrain - 4 Motor Turbo 1:1 w/ 3.25 Wheels Chain
Lift - 6 Motor Normal Speed 1:7 Gears
Claw - 2 Motor Normal Speed 1:4 Chain
Weight - Will be weighed tomorrow

But, if we realize our lift is too slow for worlds, we can simply cut the zip ties on the lift motors and change them to High Speed or Turbo.
EDIT//: Our code is found here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2FMbedhlx3fOTA3V0lHeFNHclE/view?usp=sharing
Team Number - 1815D

Hang? I see a hook

Sorry, but no hang :frowning:
To be completely honest, hanging is not worth it because we can make more points at the time of lining up, raising the lift, and raising ourselves. Not just that, Scorpion 2.0 (Reveal not made and will never be made) can hang but it burnt out the motors with long-term damage(At regionals we were dominant for the first 3-4 matches, then our lift failed every other match. We were legit apologizing to our teammates every other match because our lift stopped working).

Love the build, especially the claw! Definitely a competitor to look out for haha. Good luck and see you in a week!

Thanks :smiley: You too as well!
On saturday I will make around 6-10 autons to be prepared. I will also show the folding out of the whole system, even though setting up the robot before a competition is just as horrible as stubbing your toe. It’s a pain, since my robot hates me…

Wow that’s impressive! One dump could turd the tide of a whole match.

Wink Wink
You’re starting to know the strategy shown at the beginning of StarStruck that was forgotten.
Wink Wink

Pulling a bunch of data from here.

I see at least 20 c channels on the robot.

Cortex = 0.302
Motor = 0.2 * 12 = 2.4
Battery = 0.772 * 2 = 1.544
Wheel (4") = 0.232 * 4 = 0.928
C-Channel = .157 * 20 = 3.14

So without considering any of your screws, lexan, sensors, wires, gears, or axles, you’re already at 8.314 pounds, and that’s just with the c-channels I saw at first glance.

Weight aside, that bot looks amazing. Can’t wait to see it at worlds!

Thank you very much, you too!!!
Yeah. Sorry I forgot to explain that I had some old shots of the robot in this video. After nationals, the team removed the LCD screen, GoPro, LED Lights, Distance sensor (Encoder on a passive wheel, which was on a hinge to grab values when tipping), but yet again, according to what you said, our robot would barely be in the 10 Ibs mark, which probably you’re correct it’s not 10 Ibs. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll properly grab the true exact weight of it tomorrow. :slight_smile:

To re-correct what I said, I went to the engineering room for 10 minutes today (not enough time to record anything, but I will go back tomorrow for an hour or so) and I was able to build a high hanging hook with just 2 standoffs. Thanks for the advice :smiley:

Here’s a teaser of how fast we really are (With a little bit more charge in the battery): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuJCLl_RdY4&feature=youtu.be
A lil’ hint of what we’re capable of :slight_smile:

@CATaclysm Delta_II Very impressive, I hope you do well at worlds! I will be rooting for you!

Thank you very much! I hope your team does well at worlds too :smiley: