182C mini reveal

Decided to make a short reveal for out first competition on Saturday (Park Tudor). Pretty much my first time editing a reveal video of any sort so comments, questions, suggestions about my sucky editing or about the robot would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Here’s the reveal link

well done, are you sure it wont have any speed issues compared to other bots. No offense but it seemed to be quite slow at stacking… or was it because of a super low battery?

Dang, isn’t the 4 cones a bit overkill? I mean who stacks THAT crazy high? Lol

The chainbar is just slow :stuck_out_tongue: I’m planning on a redesign soon but i figured I would go ahead and throw this out there, bad as it may be :stuck_out_tongue:

@Mira in the video description I explain that it can stack higher. Right now it can get to 12 on a mobile goal and about 8 on a stationary goal if I remember right :smiley: I just didn’t really want to take time to show it anymore…

I got to see the robot live and it stacks 12 very easily. The robot is well built and I am sure Joseph will get the speed increased in the near future.

@Joseph W(182 C) We look forward to seeing you at Park tudor. Feel free to use our field whenever you want. We will be bringing 2 robots with double chain bars and probably a pushbot. It would not be us without a pushbot (lol).

It looks to me like it doesn’t have any rubber bands on it. That would be my first concern.

It’s honestly just because I have to gear the motor down so low :confused:
I’ve tried a couple other gear ratios with rubber bands and they burned out so I figured yeah it’s slow but it hasn’t burned out on me so it’s good for now :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if you have rubber bands on it, done well, you should be able to make it faster. See this.

We are very excited to have you at our tournament on Saturday! We wish you luck!

ok. I’m not sure how fast the chainbar was without the rubber bands but I’ll take your word for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you both for the kind words!

Um, so I got bored again…
Here’s a link.
I figured I would make a short teaser with us driving around and stacking…

Joseph, staying with tradition you again are brining it from tournament number one! Can’t wait to see that robot live! See you Saturday!

Speaking of staying with tradition, one of the 621 teams will likely have a pushbot. Of course it is not the kinds of tradition you want to praise. lol. Looking forward to your tourney.

Ok, I was wondering the same thing. Nice robot, I share @Aponthis opinion about the rubber bands.