182C robot teaser

Well In the video I’m trying to use both remotes so I’m slow but the robot is basically competition ready for October 28’th so yay :slight_smile:
Here’s the link.

Comments/suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

Just in case though: DISCLAIMER: I don’t have any cad files for this bot.

Maybe get someone else’s help to control the robot before you post a video of its operation on a website where billions can view it. Jus saying.

lol but yeah. It was just something to “showcase” the robot rather than my driving skill with 2 remotes :stuck_out_tongue:
My operator wasn’t there at the moment but I figured I was able to do what the intent of the video was.

Did you have any problems with the claw “arms” being cantilevered?

I guess it made a lot more sense to call them arms in starstruck.

Actually no. I was kind of worried about that as well but having them both cantilevered and directly driven by the motor has actually worked very well :slight_smile:

It kind of adds to the drama for the teaser. I see no problem with this.