182C stacking test/feedback

Well it’s been taking me a long time to finish rebuilding because of sickness/school but I’m finally starting to get some results and I would like to have some feedback on potential flaws/problems/things you think I did well. Here’s a link to the video. Right now the bot can only stack 11 cones(I did 10 in the video but I’m switching to a 6 bar up top to get more height). I also have some tuning to do with the intake; as you may have noticed several times the lift didn’t go down far enough so I had to manually adjust it so that it grabs the cone how I want but that’s most likely a tensioning issue with my intake.
Discuss away!

Well done. I would suggest moving the mobile goal further into you chassis because i have a very similar bot with the mobile goal near the center of the chassis and we still need tip pegs. Can you stack on the stationary goal with that claw?

First: overall it’s good. Second: the suggestions that I have are that you should practice using the lift to the point to where you lower the 4-bar directly onto the next cone securely, instead of grabbing it partially then having to go down the rest of the way onto the cone in a separate motion. But that’s all I have.

@Easton he mentioned it in the original post.

But looks good Joseph. Your intake seems to hold the cones very well, and let go easily as well. I will admit to being “inspired” by your intake vid from a while back, and it never worked as well as this. Glad you shared. Good luck with your tuning.

Yes it can stack on the stationary. I don’t have a stationary goal at home so I put some cones on a mobile goal and held it in place to test that and it released very well.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it :slight_smile:
Thanks for the suggestions everyone

That may be the best passive intake out there. If you need a full field on which to practice, just let us know. Hit Josiah on Discord. We look forward to seeing you at Heritage. As you get that tuned in, that robot is going to be dangerous. Great job!

@Joseph W(182 C)
Looks really good! As far as driving goes, try to bring the fourbar down all the way once the DR4B comes down, so you don’t need to adjust the 4 bar a second time. (I can DM you an example with our robot on discord). Also, what made you choose the placement of the blue rubber bands at the bottom of your DR4B? Since they are stretched out so far when the lift is down, but they are loose when the lift is all the way up, that means you are losing lots of elastic assistance as you lift. This also means that you are limited to the number of number bands you can use when the lift is folded into the 18" because they are overstretched in that position.

Thanks! For the rubber bands: I was really just curious as to how much they affected performance when placed like that as I’ve seen a few other teams do them like that(they also looked kinda cool :P). I’m planning on taking them off and just doing triangle rubber banding on my two stages but I just haven’t had time recently.