1841's Pneumatic powered intake


This intake is similar to 7580A’s passive intake, but it’s powered by pneumatics, rather than using a passive system. I guess I’d consider this to be half-passive.

I’m revealing what I have because I found it doesn’t work well for my style of driving. Though, I’m sure many others would be interested in seeing more Skyrise intake designs for more inspiration. This video was taken after I took it off my robot, which some of you may have seen on the Summer Games stream.

If you have any questions, I’ll be able to answer.

Nice intake!
It looks sturdy and well built.
I will admit that my team does have a similar intake in progress, so I naturally have a few questions about your one :D.
Typically how many “dumps” (for lack of a better word) of cubes onto posts could you get per game? (Did the 2 tank capacity hinder you at all? :confused: )
From the video it also seemed that 2 cubes put quite a bit of force on some of the joints, was this so, or am I wrong?

I used a flow limiter. During matches, I didn’t actually score a whole lot, because I mainly focused on getting one cube at a time and capping. My arm wasn’t super-sturdy, so I found it hard to pick up more than one cube with accuracy. Though, I believe I can get 10-15 dumps before I start running out of air. The two tank limit isn’t that bad, really. Two tanks doesn’t seem like a lot, but if you look at Toss Up, the only reason people were running out of air so fast is because they catapulted a lot. For this game, I feel two tanks is well more than enough. (I actually didn’t refill air for some matches, and I did well in some of them).

There is not really any ‘force’ against the joints. The one joint that is connected to the 1x2x1x35 C-channel is held by pneumatics, and I don’t see any deterioration. The elastic stop has no deterioration on the joint. Really, two cubes is only around 2.5 pounds. It isn’t enough to cause damage. The only damage I found on the intake was when I was in a pushing battle and the elastic stop bar got bent a bit. I just pushed it back by hand and it was A-ok.

10-15 dumps seems like a lot, but it will seem quite small (I think) by the end. But you won’t be using this particular by the end.
From what I saw of your robot on the stream, (I hope I correctly identified it) your robot looked good, despite the slightly wobbly arm.

Can you drop only one cube at a time, or do you have to dump all your cubes? How many cubes does it hold?

Other than that, the intake looks good. Nice work.

It’s possible to drop one cube at a time if I either time my pneumatics firing well or if I just hover my intake the right length above the ground and drop.

Mine can only hold 2 because I couldn’t figure out how to get my extending device to work well before the Summer Games without being too flimsy.