1898A End of Season Reveal

Here’s the robot that we were going to take to regionals, nationals, and hopefully Worlds, before it all got cancelled. We’ve developed a unique method of scoring towers, allowing more efficiency than the goofy design:

  • The lift does not lift our intakes so the lift can move faster (each intake roller usually weighs more than a cube by itself)
  • The intakes stay on the ground while lifting, so not only are the cubes prevented from falling out and “ratcheted” in the robot, but towers can also be scored while intaking simultaneously.
  • In a match, the lift can be held up without taking away the ability to intake cubes from the ground. Paired with our bling drive, after all three stacks have been placed we would be able to play towers, hoard cubes, and play defense by pushing or blocking with the side of the robot.

The string on the side of the robot to enable the claw to move to the side when stacking with the tray is a bit janky, but we tested it with other robots in the same field and it never entangled with them because of the 1x1 L attached to the string. We would’ve improved it if we had more time.


4m 200RPM Bling Drive
2m 200RPM 18T Intakes with large flaps
1m 100RPM 1:15 Tilter
1m 100RPM 1:5 10-Bar

-J Ryan Shue, 1898A


What’s the motor distribution on that? Also 10 bar-OP


This is an amazing robot!


4m 200rpm drive
2m 200rpm intakes
1m 100rpm 1:15 tilter
1m 100rpm 1:5 ten-bar


Thank you! (20 characters)

Huh, is that innovation? I forgot what that looked like during this season. Great bot, too bad we don’t get to see it in matches. Love the big lifty thing (I am unable to describe its glory adequately with my limited building vocabulary).


Definitely one of the most unique traybots I’ve seen.


The infamous 10 bar…loved seeing it on discord


That’s crazy I love it, although I’m wondering how well you can put 2 stacks of cubes down in the big zone with such a wide chassis (particularly when the scissor lift hits the wall).

Thanks! We designed for this constraint as well. The lowest point on the first link of the 10-bar is mounted around half an inch above the height of the field wall, so when the lift is raised the entire mechanism clears and we were able to put two stacks in the big zone consistently when testing (the drive base itself is only 24 holes long)


Very nice design, how does the passive claw on your 10-bar work? As an at home project, I was designing a passive claw, but I couldn’t figure out how to passively release the cube.

Imagine getting hate. Kinda sucks lmao

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Just realized that the high tower at 0:49 is fake. Paid actor.


Thank you; the passive claw grips into the grooves in the cubes when the lift slams down on them. The hooks on the claw are angled on the sides, so when we put the cube in the tower, we just drive backward and the cube is pulled out of the claw. This is also why I designed the 10-bar, because it allows the passive claw to be pushed forward (due to the swing of the ten bar) to be able to dunk into the towers.


Lol, yeah. I saw the tower moving and wobbling around and I was like, that’s not normal. But great reveal and very interesting tower scoring mechanism. Fun to watch.


Lol, our real high tower is stuck at school

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