1898A Robot/Ten-bar explanation

Here’s our explanation vid:

Lmk if you have any questions! Robot will be taken apart soon.


nice work on the robot!

that 10 bar looks pretty rad


Why a 10 bar instead of a 12 bar? Why a 10 bar instead of a 8 bar?

I know that sounds dumb, but I’m curious to if it was a weight thing or a reach thing or something else.

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So the main goal was just to have the lift swing forward (like 6.5 inches or so) and ten-bar was all we needed. We could’ve maybe changed the geometry a bit to allow for only 8 bars but the 10 bar folded in much better with the rest of the robot.


one of my favorite robots from tower takeover. Just nice to see a successful off-meta design.


Do you have any matches on video of this bot?! Or even recorded practice? I would so love to see this robot competing against other very competitive robots!

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Sadly no :(( our regional competition got cancelled along with nats and worlds. However we did film a reveal a while ago if you’d like to see it in action and haven’t seen it already!


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Did you have any problems with the robot not driving straight since one side has more weight due to the 10 bar?

This is so cool never thought of this for TT, super cool.


We did have some problems with the uneven weight (probably the greatest drawback of the ten bar in the end) but we did add a counterweight (the steel plates if u can see them) on the other side which helped as well as having the brain and battery on the other side as well.


But can it high hang though?


I love this. I had an idea of something similar to this (closer to 1010X’s lift in TP), and as @Xenon27 said, it’s so cool to see something as off meta as this.

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Super cool idea and robot!
Could use some wire management tho :joy:

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Do you have a video of this in action in a tournament?

Make sure to read the thread (=

He said that in response to me…


Thank you! Haha yea, definitely not wrong there

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Sadly no; all the tourneys in which we’d use it got cancelled.