1935's Exploits in Uncouth Lifts

I have always had a fascination with unconventional levitation devices and since we now have a game where some of them might actually be useful, I thought I’d share some of my ‘adventures’ (as starting from scratch always is).

first up, reverse bars.

Legos are great for getting a concept into it’s simplest form:

The first attempt at a reverse bar took most of the summer and in hind sight probably would have worked if I done these things:

  1. used aluminum instead of steel
  2. compromised and moved two of the six motors on the drive to the lift.
  3. added about 7 times as much latex tubing.

This lift reached 50" so it could be used for this game without that much modification. (that is if I left it on the shelf for 3 years)

The lift down:

One of the most complicated gearing I ever built:

I can’t seem to find a picture of it up but if I do I will post it.
001 (2).jpg

The second attempt at a reverse bar was going well until it got cut off by time constraints and strategy changes.

that’s right folks it’s a reverse double six-bar! [EDIT: the intake tray is actually not attached to the lift FYI]

The first stage and the gearing completed:
You can see some of the backup bot in the lower left corner of the picture. (always a good idea to have a backup of you can with these things)

I don’t remember how high this one went but it was probably less than the first one (the choice to make it a six bar was mainly to get it into a more compact space when it was down)
462012 014.jpg
462012 013.jpg

And now the one that worked.

this one was made to be fast to complement the one or two at a time sack picker-upper we had on hand.

The lift half way up minuets after completion:

Scoring a sac on the high goal:

A close-up of the gearing:

This lift didn’t break down much and did everything we wanted it to but when it did break it was a pain in the neck to fix.
ipod 038.jpg
ipod 051.jpg

Some interesting stuff here. I’m definitely going to take a close look at all these photos! Thanks!

Also be sure to check out this, if you haven’t seen it already


on this thread

Max I may have a identical lego double reverse 4 bar sitting on my desk. So nice for designing linkages.

Do you really need to go into every thread related to lifts to post about your lift design? If people like the lift idea, they’ll use it, and if the don’t they won’t. Trying to advertise it everywhere won’t help you spread the name much.

So. Much. This.

Seriously at this point if a team is visiting the forum looking for ideas I guarantee they’ve seen the double reverse 4 bar by now (or if they’ve looked at industry lifts). And yes I am not calling it the name you decided to give it.


I have been annoyed by it too…

Please. It’s not a new lift. Please keep it in your own thread. Double 4-Bars are well known in the VEX Community.

I personally don’t care. Just don’t start sending private messages 0.o

Was fifty inches the bottom of the top bar or the top. Also do you think that this lift could be powered by two turntables ( the original 84 tooth high strength gear) with one motor per table.

I should also mention that one of my tossup robots reached 40" and fit under the barrier so it could probably work for this years game too.

It could elevate something about 50" or so higher than that something started. (keep in mind that this figure is from memory but I am pretty sure it was very close to 50")

HS shafts would probably be a better option in my mind.

Could you explain the iteration of your design that competed at San Jose this season? Me and a teammate pulled up to your pit for a visit, but only your robot was there, and he/she didn’t say much.