1958A post season reveal

Since everyone else is making reveals, we decided to make a reveal just for fun. Note: we didn’t qualify for worlds, so this robot will not be there. Also keep in mind that this was, and is, our states robot. We didn’t rebuild, so that’s why it’s not as good as most of these worlds reveals.
4M HS drive
4M torque 1:5 DR4B
2M torque 1:5 mogo
1M HS 1:3 4bar
1M HS Rollers
22 second match loads
5 autons
Side note: I will be at worlds on Friday, I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible!

Nice. I know you mentioned you’re a senior are you doing vexU next year?

I will hopefully be doing VEXU in two years, after my church mission is over. I will be attending college at BYU, and afaik they don’t have a team, so hopefully I can start one.
Also: I didn’t make this video, and I didn’t watch it until just barely when I realized the sound quality is trash. So ignore the sound quality please