1961U Blitz Alliance Teaser


That’s sped up, right?
(what i can see) of the robot looks amazing so far, although I can’t tell what the mogo lift is.

Not sped up at all. Look at the loader’s hands. That is real time stacking.

Wow that is a fast secondary lift. What is the gear ratio?

We are going to reveal the robot soons so sit tight. :slight_smile:

Sexy bot, and even more surprising that it isn’t sped up. Well done man.

See you at google

I won’t be at Google, 1961X will be.

Lol thanks

Ayeeee Noice bot m8 I rate 10/10

Same Dude :slight_smile:

Flex Anirudh, flex. :wink:

He has earned the right to flex

Side note: Old leeks Anirudh



Wonder what his new bot looks like

I can make an educated guess and say pretty similar as in the video…

Unless something changed in a few hours, lol.

A few hours?

They tied for world record points in a match earlier today.

The world record is 163, and they tied that… Are they Gods???

That is absolutely insane, but must feel bad only tying the score and not getting ahead.

You can thank 1961k for that :slight_smile: