1961U/K Match Score 163

Here is the video of us scoring 163 with @CutThenMeasure


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In all seriousness though, that is absolutely insane for both teams. I see what you meant by K getting stuck on the bar, did the Mogo catch on it?

It looked much longer in person, lol.

@1961Uranium did the video get taken down?

Yeah, that’s why I didn’t want to post it but.

Can you repost it by chance? Why did it get taken down?

cant give no one scouting tools :looks around suspiciously:

No, I don’t think I can

I am happy to say I have gotten permission from the person to post this video. To anyone who has not seen it yet, Enjoy!

Great match! Amazing driving from 1961.

Wow, the lift on 1961K is really interesting. Its not running a traditional “two gears in the center” setup. How is that designed as I’m fairly curious about that…

Standoffs attach to the lower gear, which are also attached to the driving arm for the top 4bar. It’s a great design

As someone who has a similar design I would not recommend it, as it is quite finicky.

Would you mind sending me an image of the actual lift. I’m just curious as the description doesn’t really make sense to me. Dw, I’m not using it.

Wow, great robots and great match.

Ask @CutThenMeasure who is from 1961K

Nice job. Really well built robots!