1961X FLC Videos

Hey everybody on the forum,

Recently we’ve had a competition in Jekyll Island for TSA Fall Leadership Conference, in which we took home the tournament champion awards along with 1961K and 675D.

Someone recorded and uploaded a video of our robot and I’d like to share them; obviously, the robot is the robot of mine and @Duke4221c’s but thanks to “Mar” for recording and uploading the videos.





hmm…not bad.

You should post the matches from Saturday from quarterfinals.

muar leeks plez

Really good robot. I applaud.

Video has been taken down. I don’t know why it was taken down or who did, but it must be a privacy issue.

By the way, @Aditya Diwakar @Duke4221c you guys and 1961K (Sid’s team) need to actually make a reveal.

We plan on making a really dope reveal before worlds with 1961X,K,N

I’ll be looking out for it. G’luck for worlds (Not like you need any luck. C’mon look at your bot).

I’m excited for this reveal

Shame they got taken down…