1961Z Beginners Tutorials

Hello there! Our team, 1961Z, is planning to post a few coding support videos alongside building tips and tricks for new teams planning to do VRC alongside any current teams wanting some assistance.

In terms of coding, our coder (Avi) will be posting tutorials and basic code models through VexCode. For the building tips and tricks, both our main builder (Nitin) and our 3D designer (Ayush) will be focused on the multiple types of building techniques, bracing concepts, and more.

Our main intention behind doing this is to help accelerate other team’s progressions for any current and upcoming seasons. Our team personally did not have a dedicated mentor, so our path to where we stand currently was filled with missing information. We plan to give new teams a starting point in their VRC seasons and help educate them on information that will stick with them throughout their future seasons.

For any of the videos we will post, they will be accessible through our Youtube Channel. We hope you enjoy them!


more resources for beginner teams is never a bad thing, good job.


Really great to see teams giving back and helping new teams ramp up quickly!


You misspelled Bootz, Mr. 3D Designer.