1965A Reveal

This is my teams robot. We are PID PID Moose - 1965A - from Lincolnshire, Illinois. We have our first scrimmage tomorrow, and a 27 point autonomous (including highest stack). Thanks for watching, and good luck to all teams!
reveal video

I don’t mean to be rude, but is your 4 bar really that slow or are you just limiting it?

yea haha its kinda slow but also this was pretty much the drivers first time actually trying to get and score cones so its also just lack of practice. Now its faster once he got some practice in

Try putting some elastics on the lift. They might help a little.

What motor speed is being run on the 4 bar? Seems like torque ,but if you guys reduce some friction and band it right high speeds on a 7-1 should definetly work. Maybe even with turbos with enough work.

You can go way faster. Our chainbar of similar length is running at turbo 1:3.

i meant for the four bar. The chainbar could easily be that fast. Mines 1-5 turbo with some top notch banding