1970K Knight Shift ITZ Reveal

What’s up my dudes, this is our first fully built robot of the year and we think it turned out pretty well. We, as well as 8 others teams from Nebraska, have been invited to compete in China for a tournament in the middle of August and this is the robot we will use for that event. I enjoy all feedback on the robot, and am open to starting any discussions about our design. Thanks!

-Nolan, 1970K

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Twitter- @1970KnightShift
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I’ve been waiting to see that exact mobile goal intake all season, and I’m really glad you pulled it off. Everything looks clean and well built: great job! What is your cycle time to stack 10 cones on the mobile goal?

Looks good! Is the 20 pt zone scoring consistent/reliable? Can you do more than 3 cones and still have it be reliable?

Good to hear you like the design! We just tested it and we can score 10 cones in around 35 seconds. I also know we can score 12 cones on a mobile goal and score it in the 10 point zone in around 50 seconds.

3 cones is very reliable for us in the 20 point zone. 4 cones is around 60% and 5 cones is around 11.37%

You know, approximately. :wink:

Are you right at the edge of the 36"? I’m just curious about how much about how much of a constraint it is, not trying to say that you’re out of size or anything

We are about 34" horizontally when extended to full length

That looks like a very consistent, stable RD4B. What’s your max stack height?

We can stack 14 cones on a mobile goal. While designing this bot, we thought it would be useless and simply extra weight to go any higher than 14. Since there is only 1:45 in a match, you are crazy if you are going for a stack higher than 14 when you have 5 separate goals to score on.

Did you double up the c channel on the bottom towers because they were bending during testing, or did you originally design it that way?

Our initial design had two c channels already, but we did it to prevent bending and make our stability above par

Nice video. What is your motor distribution? Good luck in China!

Which tournament is it?

And all the best!

The motor distribution is in the description of the video

@1970KnightShift great robot. Will you be at any scrimmages before China?

Yes :slight_smile:

@1970KnightShift see you there

How did you guys get invited to compete at China?

The CREATE foundation, who puts on the US Open every year, is based in Nebraska. CREATE came into contact with Chinese representations and was given paid spots to a Chinese tournament for a handful of teams from Nebraska. It will be a great experience and I am thinking of documenting it for a vid. Maybe.