1970K Reveal- "Kappa 4"

Hey guys. We are team 1970K Knight Shift from Omaha, Nebraska. We recently released a video reveal for our newest robot, Kappa 4. Check it out below.

I see myself.

First, I’m impressed with that lift for 4 motors. Second, why do you need 6 motors for that ratio? I have 2:1 on 4 inch wheels with 4 motors. With 6, you can push it to turbo on 4 inch wheels for sure (I have).

wow, looks even better than it did before. We were going to use that song for our video… but ah well.

Check out their robot in action.

@1045Arobotics I would not say that is a fair assessment of their robot. That is from North not state, also that was Kappa 3, not Kappa 4.

@1045Arobotics true…

Where were they at in the finals then. https://youtu.be/tOhuAGV11ts

They lost to my team in two very competitive matches, but they destroyed skills, jealous of that, really wanted that State Skills Champion trophy.