1M Flywheel - last time

Do you think it would be possible for me to turn on my 1M Flywheel and leave it on for the whole match? I’m too afraid to test because I feel like it could damage the motor

yeah, my flywheel can spin for 6 mins or so at max power before getting into the first temperature warning range. just build it well and you should be fine. maybe idle at like 80% power or something.

For a properly built flywheel, spinning up the flywheel from rest multiple times is going to be far harsher on the motor than simply keeping it running. Either way though you aren’t going to damage the motor, it has thermal protections to reduce ir turn off power if it gets too warm.


Check your motor watts. Once up to speed, a 3k rpm flywheel can use:

excellent build quality 1.0-2.0 watts
medium build quality 4-5 watts
poor build quality >5 watts

Case #1 or #2 should run whole match w/o problems.


Thank you so much everyone, this legit helps a lot

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