1motor scissor lift claw design

anyone have a one motor claw idea that will work well on a scissor lift ? Thanks.

Look up claws on YouTube. There are too many good designs to count, and choosing the best one is up to you.

yeah, ive looked through those, i just wanted to know what you guys recommend

How tall and fast is your lift?

i prefer a roller intake to a claw, it allows us to quickly intake and outtake the cones, but this only works if your rollers stick out tho.

About as fast as a 4motor Dr4B, we have a chain bar on top as well.

Definitely rollers.

Go passive.

If you want a good claw design my team used a claw up until December. I would suggest that you also try a intake roller as it has a better cycle time and is harder to knock cones off of your stack with.

I really would go passive. The extra lightness can help you reduce your cone system to as little as three motors for the whole system.

If you have to, though, I would go with 8675A’s design. Or you could try out an idea that I came up with of attaching half of a bottom gripping claw to each side of a top gripping claw to essentially grip both the top and bottom of the claw.

I would recommend you use the Bannana intake instead. It used to be called goliath, but that name is just dumb

Both of those are names that are too confusing for people to remember, intake roller is the simple more accurate name as it describes the intake.

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That link states Video unavailable. Do you have another one

This is slightly off topic, and dead threads shouldnt really be revived. Also most of these users are probably not around anymore.

A better idea would be to make a new thread asking about claw designs, unless there is something in particular you seek from that video.
Either way, something that old was probably removed by the users themselves.