1st Place Skills... How?

How does a 6-10 Grade team have skills Record and beats second place by 46 points? They were at a 6-10 grade tournament.
Did they make a typo and accidentally add a 1 in front of their score?

I’d like tho say so, but with how good this team is, it’s likely a true score.

Wow, that is very impressive! Congrats to the Hawaiian Kids. Don’t judge them by their grade level; they are a very successful team. They were 11th place in driver and 27th in programming skills back in Toss Up.

@mwang17 @Mr_L_on_Yoshi
Though 46 points is such a big difference between first and second

359A is a HS team (unless they changed their status this season).
And they have always been one of those consistent top teams even in worlds.

PS… side note: dont thin it is updated in vexdb yet

That is super impressive. The maximum score you can get with both skills combined is 152. Somehow, they were able to get the stars on the fence into the far zone and be able to program their drive so precisely in order to hang at the end.

@meng They were at a 6-10 grade tournement

10th grade is considered HS.

@mwang17 I suppose so but for varsity?

the 8065/66 kids are mainly grade 8… doesnt make them less competitive.

skills challenge is really mainly about how hard you work towards it… age is not a main factor.

Looks like a typo

Your looking at the wrong team

But if it is not a typo it is truly impressive

Where did you find that?
It isn’t showing up on robotevents or the vexdb for me.

I went on VexDB- skills-clicked on 1st placed team then went to skills on their page

It isn’t there anymore then :\

Yep, taken down. Guess it really was a typo then. Too bad…

That was fast it got taken down from the time I posted this. I just checked and it is gone

Yeah, fastest take down I’ve ever seen. Usually stays there for a little while.

I didnt see the wrong team… but you misunderstood my comments.
I am trying to say that the 2nd place team 8065 is a MS team. But that doesnt make the younger age kids less competitive.

So it doesnt matter which grade they are in.