1V1 king of the court style at worlds~

well, since there have been some talk about scouting and some “by robot is the best” :wink:
i was thinking of doing a 1v1 king of the court (or however teams like it) style in one of the practice fields at worlds
this way it makes it fun for teams who want to challenge the “best” teams and for scouters to truly see all the robots’ best performance
this can be a fun little “mini” event that teams can look forward to, and speculate, when they are on their “3 hr break” from one qual to the next

this can be done with a few stop watches (an ipad?) :wink: and we can do the autonomous modes if teams can bring enough (4) competition switches

i would personally like to challenge team 1103 to see if he has scripted heights for ALL circumstances :wink:
and team 44 to see if their “goal under ladder” strategy works (and maybe against our counter strategy?)

what do you guys think?
and do you have any suggestions?

I would certainly love to participate! :slight_smile: Also I believe you would only need 2 competition switches, correct? As this is 1-VS-1, no? But yes I’d love to run autonomous as well. (Although maybe not reveal everything unless absolutely necessary… ;))


If any college teams are interested, I know at least our team would be interested in seeing how we do against you guys. It would probably be on the high school field, although we could try the college field too. However, autonomous could be an issue for either side, so maybe we can’t do that.

I would be more than happy to play you, or any other team 1-on-1 (especially KTOR since I never got a chance to play them in clean sweep) :slight_smile:

I was playing king of the court 1-on-1 last night with my other team mates (aMEss have 4 robots this year) and it was great fun. We added one extra rule though; loser has to reset the field.

Marty ~ Team aMEss, Massey University, New Zealand

playing a college robot on a college field would be interesting mainly because we cannot score on the 30" goals… (unless you count the “prescore”) :wink:
im REALLY looking forward to this now :slight_smile:

I see Martin Beat me to it! I too would be very keen to do this… We could play College moveable bases (8 of them) and College rings with the high school perimeter goals.

We currently play this against our High School teams in NZ. We plan on taking a video of one of our matches just before we leave for the Worlds and post it on youtube.

Team aMEss (Albany Massey Engineering Students’ Society)

we could play 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 on a high school field, but dont run any autonomous

1V1 matches would be pretty awesome. It would be a good way to scout and practice driving against some real competition.

it would be great practice…especially for testing strategies

and it would also be cool to get to know more of the team members of the “famous” teams you always wanted to see!
my team member is trying to set up a match schedule chart
but i think we should take it easy and fun until more teams show up!

well my team 1200F would most definitely be interested in being a part of it.

yea, im sure a lot of teams would be interested

1200 SYNTAX ERROR would be very interested

Ya, u gotta show off tht awesome bot somehow brunn

we will…

This sounds like fun, but remember that the practice fields have their own rules for use and you may not have the access you need. Just an FYI. We are short of space this year (we currently have more than 560 teams registered). This space shortage is a one-time problem, by the way. Next year we will have plenty of room.

What a tease.

Well, if the teams that were currently practicing on that field agree to move off for a round to allow this to go on, would that be ok? Also, are you implying that we’re going somewhere bigger than disneyworld for the venue next year?

1 on 1 is a lot of fun. Create Foundation organized what they called “League Play” for all us teams in the Omaha area. League Play consisted of Head to Head, one on one play; Driving Skills; and Programming Skills. It was certainly different playing 1 on 1, but a lot of fun. They held league play on 3 different Saturday’s and each local team was allowed to compete on 2 of the Saturday’s.

I just did some research, and from what I can tell, we will be in Disney’s two biggest event halls. So going bigger could mean a few things:

  1. It wont’t be on Disney property next year
  2. It will be outside on the soccer fields at ESPN Wide World of Sports
  3. You are renting a theme park because it is the only thing bigger than the Josten’s center and HP fieldhouse. (I really like this last idea, but I highly doubt it, but you could have a field in each attraction and each themed land would be a division)