1x AURA High-School Legal Gateway Robot

With the Robotics World Cup coming up soon, AURA have been hard at work building some decent high-school division legal robots. We even finished one which we think is pretty good. We’ve got some photos of it, and they’re online. Did we mention we’re a New Zealand team?

But given how popular our last treasure hunt was, we’ve decided to do it again!

Start here: www.aura.org.nz/quiz2

There’s no limit on the number of people who can see it this time, and we’ve “upgraded” the quiz interface, but kept most of the same features. Word of advice: when we say input the answer in a specific way, input it that way or you’ll get it wrong.

We’re happy for everyone to discuss the questions here in this thread. We’ll try to answer any questions anyone has, short of providing you with the actual answers. If it looks like everyone is getting stuck, we’ll give some hints (only information posted from this account is official). It’s definitely not as hard as the last one, but it’s much less google-able too. One of our test horses did it in about 25 minutes. Another got bored and decided to eat some oats instead.

Give it a go. Might be fun. We’ve included lots of features that might be somewhat infuriating. Don’t try to cheat. We’ll know. Here’s the link again: www.aura.org.nz/quiz2

(And while you’re at it, check out some of the other bits of our website. There’s plenty of cool stuff there.)

18 minutes later first person has already broken through! Like I said, it’s a lot easier than last time :slight_smile: Enjoy!

(And if you haven’t figured it out yet, go load the Gateway manual. It will help.)

Did it! Definitely much easier than last time. And I am very happy I did because the photos at the end really clear things up.

So I’m trying to do it, but it does appear to have some problems… (or i’m just missing something blatantly obvious)

According to the website, the correct answer is 4… (Using the top doubler…)

However, the correct answer should be 3, given <SG8>:

So 2 points for the bottom barrel, and only 1 point for the ball…

Also, this one seems to be giving me some trouble… Am I missing something?

According to the second clause of <SG3>:

Thus, the correct answer for Question 55 should be 4, correct? (1 for each blue object scored + 1 for first.) However, when I entered it, I was told that this was the wrong answer…

A little help?

Well, I for one, thought the quiz was great fun. By great fun I mean super annoying. The Gateway-based questions/answers still seemed pretty reasonable. Silly Pokemon questions…

For 45: red gets 2 points raw from one object and a bonus point. blue gets 2 points raw for two objects. one doubler counts. the question asks for blue score. therefore it is 2 x 2, or 4.

For 55: blue gets 4 points raw from 3 objects and a bonus point. red gets one point raw. however the negator only negates red score. the question asks for blue score. therefore it is 4.

And the sequence question forced me to go through the entire quiz again. :mad:

A doubler barrel does not double everything below it, it doubles everything within the goal

all the gateway questions were really easy, the challenging one was the one about Samuel L Jackson. Also the robot is quite interesting…

Looks like the scoring questions have been doing their job! Thanks Chuck, Thorondor and Edward for their correct explanations of Joe’s troubles with 44 and 55.

The number of people getting stuck on the first question is a little bit depressing though. Even if you don’t know the height of the lowest floor goal, you should be able to look it up in the manual pretty easily…

Some of the hilarious answers given for Karthik’s last name…

  • Padullaparty
  • Muthuraman
  • Lakshminarayanan
  • Swaminathan
  • Mukkavilli
  • Karthik
  • Madhavan
  • Surya

Do you capitalize the answer to 78?

According to <SG8>:

It seems to me that this makes it pretty clear… For Question 55, I see my problem, however, for #45, I still think the score adds to 3. (2 for the bottom blue piece, since it is doubled, and then only 1 for the higher blue piece, since it is above the lower doubler)

Karthik clarified in this post that a doubler doubles every object in a circular goal regardless of whether it is above or below an object.

The rule you are referencing is to determine which doubler barrel (if multiple doublers are in one circular goal) will count.

Capitilisation does not matter (all answers are automatically converted to lower case).

@Unclejoe - You are correct in that only one of the doubler barrels will count - in this case the one closest to the floor tile. However that doubler barrel doubles all of the objects in the goal, whether they are above or below the doubler itself. Therefore both of the blue objects are doubled.

Guess that’s what I get for not following the forums closely every day… :slight_smile:

Here’s a good programming practice tip: “yes” and “y” are the same response, as are “no” and “n”. Just saying…

Teams don’t hit grand slams, players do.

A lot of fun, but Google does make these sorts of things a lot easier (I don’t know from Pokemon). The last question was especially devious. If you do another version with more Gateway and less “fun” it would be a great referee training tool.

Thanks for putting this together.

can someone explain 66 to me i got it but im not sure why

I’m working on it :smiley:

In regards to the robot, move your solenoid far closer to your pneumatic ram, those really long tubes have to be filled each time you actuate it and are a huge waste of air, you want your lines as long as possible between the reservoir and the solenoid, and the shortest lines possible between the solenoid and cylinder.

Nice! Love the pics at the end!