1x2x1x35 Aluminum C-Channels Out of Stock

This isn’t a suggestion, I just didn’t know where best to post it…

I understand VEX staff are probably very hard at work to get everything in order for Anaheim, but I notice the 1x2x1x35 Aluminum C-Channels have been out of stock for awhile. When can we expect to see those returning to stock?


We expect the 276-2289 to be back In Stock in about a month. We apologize for the delay.

This only applies to the product being out of stock in the USA, right?

We placed an order about a week ago and it was in stock (and is right now), but it was backordered when shipped. I suppose we should get it within the next few days? We really need these parts before worlds, so placed the order early with room for backorder delays.

The Canada office should be shipping backorders of this item tomorrow. They’ll be out of stock for about a month as well now.

Will the vex shop at worlds have the.?