2 - 269 motors + 2 393 Motors?

Hey guys if I were to gear 2 393 motors 1-1 and 2 269 motors 1-1 would this be alright or would the 269 motors get overheated because the 393 motors would overpower them?
The way it is geared looks like this:


the l represents chain

the 2 269 motors share the same square bar and power 2 sprockets in a 1-1 ratio and the 2 393 motors share the same square bar but have 2 sprockets on each side at a 1-1 ratio. All 4 motors power the same square bare essentially.
Would the High Strength of the 393 motors overpower the 269 motors and make them overheat or burn out?
Hopefully I explained this enough.

If the 393’s are geared for torque (max 100 rpm) you should be ok.

I’m by no means an expert on mechanical stuff, but I will say that I would suggest using four separate axles (one per motor) - putting two motors on the same axle is a very good way to accidentally twist them, especially with the amount of torque that the 393s supply.

Apart from that, I think that your configuration would be fine. We’ve done 3x 269 and 1x 393 before with no problems (other than some broken parts when we were making it), but there shouldn’t be any overheating problems since they will actually be turning at the same speed (as long as the 393s are in torque, not speed).

Gear the 393’s for torque and before you put the chain on, test all motors to make sure they go the same direction, aka not fighting each other. Other than that, your good to go!

It shouldn’t be a problem to put the two 393 on the same axle if they are also Y-ed together on the same driver channel, so that they can never be driven differently.