2.4ghz radio systems connected to the cortex

Can a 2.4ghz Receiver be connected to the Cortex via analog sensor ports? I have a Tactic TR625 RX and I was wondering if I could use it with the cortex.

Heir is the RX, http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXDPFP&P=ML.

As this is not an official VEX part you can not use it for a competition.
I don’t know if it is compatible with the cortex. @jpearman

I don’t wont it for a competition.

That appears to be a motor driver, no that will not work in a cortex analog port

So I couldn’t find much about that thing in particular. I can tell you those recievers are designed to run motors directly without a micro controller. They are outputing PWM and reading that in with an analog port would really not work directly.

this article suggests all things we can’t do easily with a cortex.

@jpearman would a vex motor controller 29 reading in PWM from an rc receiver then wired into analog port work well?

edit : hmmmm, thinking about it, the motor acts like a filter on the signal to smooth out the data so running the motor controller and just magically expecting data to make sense is a silly move. I have been powering motors with DACs on my motors for my most recent project and wasn’t really thinking straight.

Why would you want to use it with the cortex? Just wondering

@tabor473 , it is for RC plains, hels, drones, cars, and boats.

Maybe not the cortex, but the PIC, for long rang, and mostly for 2.4ghz instead of 75mhz. Also, I could have an eight change radio instead of six.

I dont think you understand what it does. It needs no other device for it to be connected to other than a 2.4ghz Tx to work. You connect the motor for the RC Plane to the MC it goes with and that goes straight into the rx.

That part is more or less the same as the old 75MHz signal splitter.

Output should be standard 3-wire servo pwm. There’s no easy way to connect to the cortex, you could connect the pwm signals (not the power wire) to digital ports and measure the pulse durations, but that’s not easy.

@JustinM, I use it in my planes. the way that I was thinking to use it with vex is, take one wire to the battery port, and two wires set sideways in the sensor ports (on the signal side) and in micro controller, and to the rx.

But why? To get sensored motor output?