2.75 wheel weight

As the title said, what are the weight of the 2.75in wheels:confused:

Probably a 4 or 5 oz.

1.8oz. Just weighed them…


1.8oz * 2-3/4 wheels (like the title said :wink: ) would be a total weight of almost 5 ounces

Three wheels are listed as 2.75" in Vex robotics motion catalog:
P/N: 276-1496 original small with tire
original small bare plastic wheel (probably smaller than 2.75")
P/N: 276-2165 original omni single roller
P/N: 276-1902 new omni double roller

For the same P/N, older wheels likely have less mass due to plastic outgassing.

Why the multiplication?

I weighed this wheel http://www.vexrobotics.com/products/accessories/motion/276-1496.html, as I figured that someone asking for the weight of the 2.75" wheel probably just has the starter kit.


thanks for the replies.

Because it’s the weight of 2.75 wheels, of course. The title said “2.75 wheel” not “2.75” wheel," so the weight of “2.75 wheels” is 2.75*1.8oz.


Ok… I see it now…



I loled