2 axles or 1

We are trying to achieve the high hang in the next level game.
Would it be better to have two motors on one axle or two motors on two separate axles?
Which is the more powerful of the two builds and why?

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It seems like having both motors on one makes everything more stable, when possible. What type of a lift is it?

Sankeyydd, It is more like an arm than a lift. similar to the Vex IQ Flex.
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Both motors on the same axle unless the axle is being damaged in which case spread the load across 2 axles.
In IQ, it’s unlike you’ll damage the axles so both on one should be fine.

If you are using two motors on the same axle, make sure it’s the metal one. (Don’t ask me how I know that you can snap the plastic ones)

two motors on one axle… just make sure to reverse one :slight_smile:

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Jamessalvant two motors on one axle… just make sure to reverse one What do you mean reverse one and how do we do this for driver control?

@Raj73 The assumption is that if the motors are on one axle they will be facing each other. So one motor will need to go “clockwise” to lift, the other will need to go “counter clockwise” to lift. So one of them will need to have it’s direction reversed.

In RobotC it’s easy, on the motor menu all you need to do is click the “reverse” box next to the motor.


Thanks for your reply @Foster. That means one gear will rotate in clockwise direction and other side gear will rotate in anticlockwise direction while lifting the robo arm?

Yes, if you are a VEX minfig ™ in the robot, if you look to the left that gear will be going counter clockwise, looking to the right it will be going clockwise.

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VEX has minifigs? Sign me up!

It is better to use one axle across the lift because it allows them to always be moving togerthjer and has much more stabilization.

Depending on your lift, you can get away with 2 motors on one axle unless they spin at different speeds which will then twist the axle. If you have any other questions, just ask.