2 Ball Catapult & 1 Ball Flywheel?

So there’s been a lot of debate over 2 ball catapult versus 1 ball flywheel, and as I thought about the issue I think I came up with an interesting solution: What if you were to stick both shooters on your bot? You could easily chain the indexer for the flywheel to the intake for the double catapult, and chain the flywheel to the flywheel’s primary intake as well as use a 1 mtr flywheel to make certain it’s not too motor inefficient, though it would still cost at least one motor. However, it would provide the benefits of a dual shooting catapult at close range, as well as the fast firing rate and potential vision targeting of a flywheel at long range, which would be a huge benefit for a flag focused robot. What are your thoughts on this sort of design?

I do agree but I think it’s a bit overkill… I would rather use those other motors for the drive to be faster and stronger for defense or to score caps…having a faster drive train can make up for shooting rate…or u can add a lift to the robot to be more versatile

As you can only hold two balls, two shooting apparatus seems like too much space on the robot. Sure, maybe you could only use 2 motors, but it’s not worth it when you could use that same space to add a lift or other mechanism.

I agree that it wouldn’t be for a cap focused robot…but what if you don’t want to score high caps at all but instead focus on flags?

I can see the advantages, but with the ball limitations, I don’t see two shooters on one robot being overall advantageous.

But if we were talking about a modular shooting apparatus, here you could just slap one on given your pairings, that’s a different story.

mmm I just can’t see that being a good idea. you’d be better off using the extra motor and space on a cap flipper too.