2 ball puncher

I was wondering if this can be acheived. My current robot has a puncher for the balls and a piston angle system to shoot both high and middle flags. I believe to make 2 balls work it will need to be chute that holds both balls but the 2nd ball that drops into it needs to be leveled higher or if it is on top of 1st ball the top of the puncher that hits the ball needs to be angled for the 2nd ball. Just an idea, but feel free to give your own thought process if you had to make this possible.

Slightly off topic but there’s also this but no idea how consistent it is

I think I know what you’re going for. Would it not be easier to just have two punchers chained together powered by one motor?

Interesting concept, but it seems pretty difficult to tune.

i think you should just do a catapult, its way easier

It is easier, but also less innovative. At this point, I’m more impressed by 2B punchers than by 2B catapults.

My team is in he middle of redesigning our puncher and we had very similar thoughts. We wanted to shoot two at once as well.
My original thoughts were similar to yours but the best ideas we have come up with and are deciding between probably aren’t what you’re oooking for.
One, like @Got a Screw Loose said, chaining two together, one on top of the other at slightly different angles might be your best shot.
The second idea is what we’re most likely goin for right now, we will simply optimize the intaking and firing rate, plus the use of sensors to shoot two as quickly as possible this increasing our cycle speed… shooting two balls selerstely in the span of 1 second could prove more useful than two at once.

Good luck though I’d love to see you guys make it work!

maybe innovative, but not effective

Thanks for the ideas and opinions, I will mess around with it later and post my results.

What if you made the puncher head taller and added another slot for the ball aimed for the flag you aren’t already hitting?(basically stack another puncher on top but use the same punch head as the bottom one)

you have to find some way to hold the ball in place and it starts to become clunky

You’re right. It would be cool though.