2 ball puncher

Does anyone have a good video of a two ball puncher? Thx!

Here is the link to the forum post about my team’s 2 ball puncher. There is a video of our autonomous routine in it that has a double shot.

I competed against a really good bot that had two punchers stacked on top of each other, at my most recent event. seemed to work really well.

Did it have two motors or chain them together? Was it more space efficient than a 2BC?

I believe that it had two motors. It was a V5 bot, with one puncher up a little higher then the other, so the ball would fall into the bottom puncher and then a second ball would be loaded into the top one. It seemed to be better than a 2 ball catapult, mostly because i have never seen firsthand a 2 ball actually working. It was a hard match, and we would have lost if they focused on the flags for the last bit of the match. Spacing wise, it was smaller than the average 2BC that i have seen