2 Ball Slip Gear Punch?

I’d love to see a video of this sounds really cool.

I don’t a picture of it with me right now but I do have an auton routine we used it in. Its not letting me upload a vid directly. Idk if the zip will work.
IMG_1527.mov.zip (2.02 MB)

Oooohh that makes a lot of sense. So by having them in a line the forward most ball gets the majority of the force and hits the top flag thank you so much!

ooh that’s quite nice.

And that works consistently? That’s pretty cool!

Yes. We do that in juggling. Say, when you’re juggling four balls in an oval pattern (shower), the math is 7,1 for the heights (really the times in the air measured in beats). You can collect two balls stacked in one hand and toss them together, and their heights end up with the upper one at 7 and the lower one at 5, meaning it comes back a moment earlier, right where you left the gap. The point is that the lower ball gets 5/7 of the speed of the upper ball in that toss, while it’s all one action.

In practice with the puncher this works because the two balls are not connected and so can bounce a tiny bit off each other, and because all the collisions are not perfectly elastic. Meanwhile the puncher is still there when the front ball is trying to virtually stop the back ball, ensuring the back ball gets launched, too. I expect tuning it took some effort.

The Game Manual <SG1> only allows for 1 (one) preload on the robot:

Hopefully, someone mentioned that to your team.

(Their auton goes and grabs a second ball from underneath the cap.)

I need glasses :). Happens when you an old geezer!

Yeah it took some time to tune but once it was tuned it worked like a charm.

Not surprising at all from juggling. It takes a while to learn to toss two balls lined up like that, but once you have it down it works really well, barely more difficult than tossing the balls normally.

Have you considered changing the programming on the slip gear? If it’s already drawn back, you could fire a lot faster.

Well for it to be drawn back it would require both a programming change but also a ratchet as the rubberbanding creates alot of tension that the 393 motors can’t handle for longer periods of time. Maybe the v5 motor’s hold function may be able eliminate the need for a ratchet.

Yes, we are currently in the process of trying to implement a ratchet or some sort of holding in the programming so we can shoot instantly

how many rubber bands are on the puncher

I believe we had 7-8 on each side cuz that way we could still do a full field shot with one ball

wow, that’s a lot. How many motors do you need to pull it back

We have 2 torque motors geared 1:3 to pull it back.

I remember at one point we had like 10 on each side and the recoil from each shot was tearing the itself apart. Plus it would shoot the balls over the top of the net so we had to reduce the number of rubber bands

On a side note, absolutely loving all the “Bring Bo3 Back” sigs