2 Bumper Sensors?

Looking through the V5 products I saw that there are 2 versions of the bumper sensor: the original and the v2 which is $4 more expensive. But they’re both 3-Wire sensors and I can’t really tell the difference between them (besides appearance) from their product descriptions. Anyone know?

The two bumper sensors are identical in terms of functionality.

The bumper sensor v2 is a bit narrower, and the button itself is covered in a rubberized material rather than the hard plastic of the v1 sensor. The rubber provides a bit of dampening, which is nice for some applications.

The rubber piece is attached to the button itself with a screw and is user-removable, so it could be replaced if damaged (although I don’t think replacements are available for separate purchase), or you could mount something else to the button, such as a larger cap or some other piece of structure.