2 different servos?

I was looking on the VEXLabs site today and I noticed that servos are listed twice. One is $19.95 and the other is $17.95. Does the cheaper one not come with replacement gears or mounting screws, or what is the difference? Anyone know?

From what I understand, the servo for $19.99 comes with:
**1 Vex servo motor
1 Vex servo motor gear set (4 total gears, 1 replacement for each gear inside)
2 6-32 x 1/4" Screws
2 6-32 x 1/2" Screws
1 Clutch post
1 Inventor’s Guide Insert **
and the servo for $17.99 comes only with:
1 Servo Motor
1 Clutch
1 Clutch Post

This information came from the “All Products” page and the “Servo Motor” page.

Thats what I figured, I was looking on the all products page too and figured since there was no more info for the $17.99 one that all it was, was the servo.