2 fields in a Mazda 5


Somehow we managed to fit two full fields in my admittedly mini minivan.

IMG_20190222_170506 IMG_20190222_170434 IMG_20190222_170420 IMG_20190222_170353

Thanks so much to @jack202020 and friends for letting us borrow these and for helping us to get everything loaded up :grin:


I see you packed the most important part of the field last. :joy:


Now try two fields in an MX-5


*most important part of the tournament





@hotel does that mazda 5 have a manual transmission?


It’s got a semi-manual mode, but I just drive it automatic


This is inspiring me to see how well we can fit VRC field fit into our new Honda CRV, going to have to find a way to get a banner… :wink:


I bet we could fit 3 in a slightly larger van if we disassemble it more, and don’t have a passenger.


Nice, I’m impressed, I can get two fields in my Nissan Cube. The only real saving grace that the nets roll up. But the platforms need to come apart to be able to stack.

Yellow balls and caps fit into the well in the back to make a level surface to put the rest of the field.