2 Green Cubes Upside Down

The drawings of the field with the scoring objects show 2 of the green cubes upside down compared to all the others. That is, the crossbeams are touching the floor. Is that correct?

That is consistent with the rest of the field images in the manuals and animation.


That’s why it’s a #challenge!

It’s a great challenge. I just don’t my kids brainstorming and designing for it, if it’s actually a mistake.

I think that aspect is correct. I’m surprised they didn’t mess with more of the cubes, put a couple on their side, etc.


I just wish they would call it out specifically somewhere

If it is the exact same way in all of the documents, then that’s how they want it!

The orientation is clear in the 3D renderings of the field. But in the Field Appendix, in the 2D drawings that show the position of all the elements, the distinction is very subtle. I don’t want to show up to tournaments and find them set up differently.

It will probably be very clear in the field reset guide. I’ll bring a copy with me to tournaments, especially early in the year.

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