2 Mecanums and 2 Omnis

Let’s please not name this hybrid a “dragon drive.”

I still think 4 mecanums would be simpler, but I’d like to see this built post-season if anyone has the parts and the time. (I don’t have mecanums, so…)

I drew it with 2 mecanum wheels and 2 omniwheels. I used 3 m’s for a single mecanum wheel and 3 o’s for a single omniwheel. That allowed me to show the relative orientations. The dashes are for the body of the robot, and the periods are fillers to be ignored, only included to get the spacing right because the forum shows multiple spaces as a single space. I know it’s not a great diagram, but if you look at it again with the 3 m’s and 3 o’s in mind, I think you’ll understand.

Yes I later understood what you meant. Very intriguing idea

Please dont. thats sounds really not good.

This seems like a great idea! The main disadvantage of X-drives in this year’s game is their horrendous parking. You could just drive up mecanum-first and get to the top (albeit kinda haphazardly).
The problem I see is that mecanum wheels strafe at about 1/sqrt2 of the speed they drive at, while x-drive wheels strafe at about sqrt2 times the speed they drive at. So basically the back part would strafe faster than the front, which would look a little silly. Seems like a great (and unique) idea though. Someone should try it out! :wink: