2 mobile goals in the 20 point zone

The rules say that only one mobile goal can earn the 20 point bonus for being in the 20 point zone. If two mobile goals end up in the 20 point zone, does the one with the fewest cones score no bonus or does it get a 10 point bonus? Does it make a difference if it is touching the 10 point zone?

My interpretation is that the second one would not count for those bonus points at all. The way it’s worded under the definition of scored makes me think they considered this and don’t want it to count. Given the size of the divider between 10 and 20 point zones (the plastic tube), I can’t imagine you’re going to get too many situations where it is in both zones.

Scored, Note 2, says “If multiple Mobile Goals are in a scored position in a 20 Point Zone, the Mobile Goal with the most Cones Stacked will be the one that is scored.”

That seems pretty clear that the other doesn’t score for anything but stacked cones.

My question is similar. Can you score 2 mobile goals in the 10 point zone? The 20 point zone is the only one that states - Note 2: Only one Mobile Goal can be Scored in each 20 Point Zone. I couldn’t find anything about putting multiple in the 10 point zone. I know that you can only have one that is the highest stack in that zone but would you get another 10 points for the second mobile goal?

That’s the assumption most of us seem to be operating on. They point out a limit for 20, but not 10 or 5, and there are too many to have one in each, so odds are that they intended for you to be able to put the other three mobile scoring platforms in either the 10 or 5 point zone with no limit.

Ok. Just making sure I was reading it correctly. Thank you!

I was wondering, are we allowed to stack multiple scoring cones on top of one another in the 10 point zone?
Just wasn’t sure because that could get us quite a few extra points.

Cones are only worth 2 points no matter where they are stacked. Goals are the only ones that receive points for being in the zones.

No, sorry, I meant the coloured goals being stacked on top of each other (not the yellow cones)

I don’t know if he meant stack the goals. Does anyone know are they hollow on the bottom like a cone or are they sealed off?

I’m not sure that they can be stacked. You can simply place multiple goals in the zone though.

Ok, thanks for your help!

If there are 2 mogos (with or without cones) touching the 20 pt zone. According to the official rules, mogos score in the higher zone “If a Mobile Goal is touching multiple Goal Zones it is Scored in the higher point value Goal Zone” But, also, according to the official rules only one goal counts “Note 1: Only one Mobile Goal can be Scored in each 20 Point Zone.”, so you have 20 points, not 30.

I’m just am going to drop this here from the officia ItZ Q&A Summary:

They are sealed off. If you can stack one on top of the other, technically the supported subrule would come into play, but that would be amazing and an interesting case for the referee.

If there are two mobile goals in the 20pt zone, the one with less cones/ no cones is kicked out, receiving zero points.

unless it is touching the large bar

Correct me if i’m wrong, but if there is a situation where there is 2 goals in the 20 point zone then there is 2 situations that it may fall under. Lets have 2 goals, (A) has more cones than (B). If A is touching the 20 point zone and the large bar, but B is only touching the 20 point zone, then A is the only one counted. If A is touching the 20 point zone ,and B is touching the 20 point zone and the large bar, then A is counted for 20 points, and B is counted for 10.

If two mobile goals are scored in the 20pt zone and one is touching the large bar (which is considered apart of the 10pt zone), it is scored in the 10pt zone. However, if both mobile goals in the 20pt zone are NOT touching the bar, the one with fewer cones counts for ZERO and the other is scored normally.

Attached are the reveleant forum rulings and game definitions.

Thanks for the clarification. I think Karthik’s ruling makes the answer 100% clear. My bad for not finding that earlier.