2 motor high hang?

Would it be possible to do a high hang with only 2 motors? I was thinking of doing a compact linear lift, but had no idea if it would work with only 2 motors.

It is very possible. In fact, some teams are even using 1 motor to lift using linear sliders. I believe one of them is @Zach929Y (Correct me if I am wrong). If you want an example of a 2 motor linear hang, then watch @333X’s reveal. The main thing is that your robot needs to be light. All aluminum should be fine.

Of course you could. You hang with any amount of motors, you would just have to gear it to torque, which would make it slow. However you could have a reasonably fast hang with 2 motors.

Very possible if your robot is light enough. 333X already has a 2-motor high hang working. You might even be able to pull it off with only one motor.

When it comes to competition however, the real question you should be asking is not “Can the robot hang?” but “How fast can I do it?”

I agree, I wold like to build one too. Except, I wold like to use a winch, if that will work.

I had a two motor high hang designed that would push the robot up to the bar and then hang on to it.

Like this?

333X Completely copied our lift… we used 2 motors and it worked great… The issue is locking it up once you hang.

Why not use a spring loaded winch?

Depends what lift you have, If you have one like ours and 333X’s than it will have to go in 2 direction, up and down.

I am building a robot vary slimier to yours and 333X’s. what I am working on is a spring loaded Linear Motion arm that will have a hook on the end that is connected to a winch.

How do you lock the lift after hooking onto the pole. (2 motors)

That’s a vague question. There are many ways to lock a lift. I’m assuming that you mean a linear lift.

  1. You could have it fall off the rack gears in such a way that it can’t move.
  2. You could make a contraption that doesn’t allow the gears to move when motor power is cut.
  3. You could mess around with the insides of your motors and break a gear, making number 2 (Not really trying to call out anyone in particular :slight_smile: )
    These are just the ways that I know off the top of my head, but please don’t make such a vague question that I have to actually think at 4 in the morning.

You are on the forum at 4 in the morning?

he is not the only one


I have the Forum opened on a Chrome tab and I check it occasionally, but for the most part I am coding in the morning.

This is at least the fourth time you’ve brought this up. Look, I’m sorry that you’re bitter, but if it’s any consolation we’d never heard of you until you started commenting on our thread. You didn’t exactly invent the rack and pinion.

Good luck this season.

I still do not understand how you can make a mechanism to lock the motors after power is cut. I am still a beginner! Sorry for asking vague questions.

it was a accident… I promise…