2 motor or 1 motor puncher

our team is in a dispute about this majority rules you guys pick

This is also v5

2 motor, we are planing on switching to 2 motor as well. Our 1 motor 1:3 gear ratio wasn’t strong enough to fully toggle the flags, so that is why 2 is better.

Agreed, 2motor. More power gives you more consistency, won’t have to hit the flag dead on.

2 motor puncher puncher is two op

don’t listen to this one he’s on my team ^^^

i have two high speed. theyre chained together and from trigger press to fire, is about 0.5-1 second

I think, especially with V5, one motor would be more than enough. If you have the extra single motor, (after adding a descorer, brake, extra drive, etc.) go ahead and add it. It will only help, but is by no real means necessary.

One motor is enough, as long as you are drawing back the puncher beforehand and it’s ready to slip when you’re lining up for the flag even if a one motor puncher is a bit slower than a two motor puncher it’ll be able to provide enough power.

two motor

You should only ever need one motor for your puncher.
if you need more, you may be dealing with friction problems or faulty rubber bands.

Some more detail on the robot’s features might be helpful. Is there anywhere else that motor could/should be used? There’s no harm in putting two on a puncher, but I feel like there could be a better use for it.

If you are using V5, only use one motor. If you have a specialized cap system as well, go one, but if you have motors to spare then why not?