2 motor vs 4 motor Drivetrain

With the increasing popularity of tray lifts (and their effectiveness and possible drawbacks as shown by 4700N usagi), is it necessary to have a four motor to have good defense this year. I’m asking because it would be difficult to have an dr4b and a 4 motor chassis at the same time.

Could a 2 motor drive compete with a 4 motor drive in defense?

a 2 motor drive is enough to give decent mobility, but it probably won’t stand up defense-wise to a 4 motor drive.


All I’m gonna say is one of my teams has a double reverse 4 bar with a tilting tray, intake, and a 4 motor drive with no transmissions. So don’t give up on the idea that it’s to hard or not possible.

It is possible. you could take a motor from your lift to make
4m drive
1m lift
2m intake
1m tilter

a transmission is also feasible, maybe between your lift and tilter?


Oof that sounds really good. If the team is ok releasing the info, how many motors are on the lift and how many cubes can it hold?

My team has a four motor dive with high strength cartridges and a small gear ratio. The only reason we have such a strong drive bace is because wall bots and defending. It’s still surprisingly fast. I don’t know if this helps but that’s my teams drive bace.

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It’s got a 2 motor lift with both motors running a 100 rpm cartridge (they don’t want me to share the gear ratio of the lift itself until the reveal) and with proper rubber banding it can hold either 6 or 7 cubes.

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I think, 4 motor drivetrain is a necessity with all the defense that will be played around the towers.

If anything worth sharing motors between it - is drivetrain and tilter. You’ve got to stop when you raise the tilter.

Then anybody who wants to do well in skills has to have 2 motor rollers to intake a lot of cubes.

That leaves two motors to play the towers. I think, it is plenty.

I think usagi style bots can still have a four motor drive. just use the base motors to tilt the tray like how some teams did it in itz and with 449x tilt mechanism. you won’t be tilting when the lift is off the ground anyways.

Y’know, this is why I love the forum. I think I just came up with an idea that’s better in all respects to the bot I was going to build. Thx!